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Workshop at the GIPSA Lab, Grenoble

Robotics Research Workshop

GIPSA (Grenoble Images, Speech Signal and Control) lab in Grenoble, France

The objectives of this workshop were to compare research results pertaining to human-robot interaction and to learn about the latest technical and computational developments on speech processing and face recognition, and their use in developing responsive, intelligent human-robot interaction.

Grenoble Pic
From left to right: Frédéric Elisei, Michael Tscholl, Yanghee Kim

An affiliate of Grenoble-INP (Grenoble Institute of Technology), Université Joseph Fourier and Université Stendhal, GISPA lab develops basic and applied research on complex signals and systems, including Automatic Control, Signal and Images Processing, Speech and Cognition. Some general areas of interest include energy, the environment, communication, intelligent systems, life and health, and language engineering.

Workshop participants included Gerard Bailly who is the director of CNRS research at GIPSA lab and is involved in Human-Robot interaction research (involving an iCub robot, seen in picture). He is currently working on multimodal Human-Robot interaction, including robot-mediated Human-Human interaction.