Cross-disciplinary Research
on Engaging Advanced Technology
for Education

Workshop at the University of Milan

Milan JointPic

From left to right: Michael Tscholl, Yanghee Kim, Federico Manzi

Antonella Marchetti, Cinzia Di Dio, Davide Massaro

Research Unit on Theory of Mind

Department of Psychology, Università del Sacro Cuore, Milan

This two-day workshop explored the collaboration between the CREATE center and the research unit on Theory of Mind on the following questions:

  • which aspects of robot behavior prompt children to attribute a 'mind' and 'social agency' to a humanoid robot?
  • which tasks (e.g. games) allow research to identify that attribution?
  • how is the attribution manifest in children's behavior (e.g. fairness)?
  • how can the attribution be leveraged to promote equity and fairness?

  • The workshop participants agreed to collaborate on develop task designs to uncover children’s ‘Theory of Mind’ with regard to robots, and to examine different forms of child-child mediation carried out by a social robot; the aim of the mediation is to promote equity and fairness in children at early stages of schooling.

    Further discussions focused on developing study designs that merge qualitative-ethnographic approach with the Milan group’s experimental approach and use of well-developed study tasks (e.g. the Ultimatum Game). Funding sources which fund joint research projects between the US and other countries will be identified