Cross-disciplinary Research
on Equitable Advanced Technology
for Education


The mission of CREATE Center is to lead research at the education-technology frontier. The Center will develop research programs that investigate how cutting-edge technology can help address urgent educational challenges. The center is committed to facilitating collaborative research and developing partnerships with regional and international communities.


  • To develop research programs that investigate the design of advanced technological tools to address challenges in learning, teaching, and workforce development.

  • To involve experts from multiple disciplines across colleges and universities, as well as practitioners in schools, industry, and government.

  • To research and design innovative ways to support marginalized students and their teachers in conventional educational settings.

  • To generate and disseminate new knowledge to both academic and professional communities.

  • To develop partnerships with schools and institutions to identify needs and deliver research-based solutions that improve teaching and learning.

  • To secure external funding to sustain productive research programs.

Core Strategies

Research on cutting-edge technologies to tackle real-world educational challenges involves a wide range of issues and human factors. The center’s goals can be achieved effectively when multiple research teams (called Strands) investigate specific, relevant topics concurrently, informing each other synergistically. Importantly, this cutting-edge research necessitates expertise from various academic disciplines, such as learning sciences, engineering, computer science, education, psychology, communication, and others.