Cross-disciplinary Research
on Engaging Advanced Technology
for Education

Developing Strands

TATE (Technology Augmenting Teamwork Efficacy)

  • Leader: Sachit Butail from Mechanical Engineering.
  • Members: Kyung Kim from ETRA at NIU, Hamed Alhoori from Computer Science, Laura Ruth Johnson from ETRA, Amanda Ferguson from Business, Lichuan Liu from Electrical Engineering, & Yanghee Kim.
  • External members: Xiaojun Qi, Professor of Computer Science at Utah State University.

DACA (Dearly Adroit Companion & Aide)

  • Leader: Mary Shafer from Mathematical Science.
  • Members: David Valentiner from Clinical Psychology, Hamed Alhoori from Computer Science, Fatih Demir from ETRA, & Yanghee Kim.

AVAUS (STEM Success at Community Colleges: A Virtual Advisor for Under-represented Students)

  • Leader: Xiaodan Hu from CAHE
  • Advisory team:
  • Internal: Yanghee Kim
    Enternal: Dr. Justin C. Ortagus, University of Florida; Dr. Timothy, J. Wilson, Director of Bellwether College Consortium

ART DECO (Action Research with Teachers: Deliberate, Efficacious, Collaborative, & Organic)

  • Leader: Ximena Burgin from RIPS
  • Members: Mayra Daniel from Curriculum and Instruction, Teresa Wasonga from Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations, and Yanghee Kim.